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Mandatory city/county matching provisions are relaxed with voluntary provisions… Expand scope of participation

Jeongdongjin Independent Film Festival. [강원영상위원회 제공·재판매 및 DB 금지]

(Chuncheon = Larose.VIP) Reporter Lee Hae-yong = The Gangwon Cultural Foundation Film Committee announced on the 14th that it will invite organizations to participate in the 2024 provincial film festival support project.

Those eligible for support are local film festival organizations and groups that have held three or more film festivals and can apply for up to 50 million won.

The Gangwon Film Commission plans to select supporting organizations through document screening and interview deliberation.

This year, the scope of participation in various film festivals in the province was expanded by relaxing the existing mandatory city/county matching provisions to voluntary matching provisions.

This project is promoted targeting local small film festivals to revitalize video culture in the province and expand opportunities for residents to enjoy culture.

Last year, four film festivals in the province, including the Jeongdongjin Independent Film Festival, Chuncheon Film Festival, Wonju Women’s Film Festival, and Yangyang Grand Blue Festival, received support from the Gangwon Film Commission and introduced a variety of film works along with unique events unique to local film festivals.

Chuncheon Film Festival. [강원영상위원회 제공·재판매 및 DB 금지]

The application submission period for the public offering is until the 7th of next month.

Download the application form from the Gangwon Cultural Foundation (www.gwcf.or.kr) or the Gangwon Film Commission website (www.gwfilm.kr), fill it out, and submit it to the person in charge by email.

For further information, please contact the Gangwon Film Commission Video Support Team (☎033-240-1384).

CEO Shin Hyun-sang said, “We hope for the active interest and participation of local film festival organizations and groups for the continued development of small film festivals in the province and for the enjoyment of visual culture by provincial residents through film festivals.”

Gangwon Film Commission video industry revitalization support project contest poster.


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