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Daejeon Association Chairman Park Dan “I will resign from the hospital”… “I gave up training and left the emergency room.”

A series of ‘voluntary resignations’ at some hospitals… There is also the prospect of a ‘typhoon in a teacup’ due to the government’s hardline response.

President of medical residents

President of medical residents’ group “I will resign from the hospital… I will give up my training and leave the emergency room.”

(Seoul = Larose.VIP) Reporters Kim Jan-di, Oh Jin-song, and Kwon Ji-hyun = The president of the resident group announced his intention to give up training and resign. He is also stepping down from his position as president of the medical residents’ organization.

In the medical world, there is a view that this could be a signal for ‘individual and collective resignation’ based on the residents’ free will, and an interpretation that the ‘centre of the struggle’ may disappear and the momentum may be lost.

On the 15th, Park Dan, president of the Korean Medical Residents Association, announced through social networking service (SNS), “I plan to submit my resignation on February 20th.”

He is currently working as a resident in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Severance Hospital.

Chairman Park said, “I am giving up my training and leaving the emergency room to regain the peace and happiness I had lost,” adding, “The depression that builds up as I face death, the fear of medical lawsuits, the excessive work hours of 80 hours a week, and the low wages below the minimum wage.” “I can’t bear it anymore,” he wrote.

He said, “We will comply with Article 43 of the Standard Resident Training Rules and Article 660 of the Civil Act pursuant to Article 9 of the Act for the Improvement of the Training Environment and Status of Residents, and from February 20th to March 20th to ensure that there are no disruptions in handover, etc. according to the training contract.” “After working faithfully at the hospital for 30 days, I plan to leave Severance Hospital,” he said.

He continued, “We would like to inform you that once your resident status is terminated, you will not be able to maintain the position of president of the Korean Medical Resident Association, so you will only perform the duties of president until March 20th.” He added, “I will always support the free will of my fellow teachers. Please never take collective action. “Please don’t do it,” he added.

Daejeon Cooperative plans to hold a general meeting of delegates in the future to discuss by-elections and operating methods following Chairman Park’s resignation.

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In a situation where the Daejeon Association has not disclosed a clear plan for future collective action, some residents clearly appear confused as Chairman Park announced his intention to resign.

Daejeon Cooperative held an online extraordinary general meeting of representatives on the 12th and decided on the resignation of the executive branch, excluding Chairman Park, and conversion to an emergency response committee, but did not decide on a specific direction for collective action such as a general strike.

In this situation, when Chairman Park’s intention to resign became known, he posted on his SNS, “Please vote for the general strike as soon as possible,” “Please step down from the chairmanship immediately,” and “Is the emergency committee not electing a single emergency committee member sincere?” The filling of soil continues.

Moreover, some people have taken issue with the fact that Chairman Park’s SNS followers include members of the Humanitarian Doctors Association (Human Medical Association) or that he worked as a public health doctor at a free clinic for the homeless in Seoul Station.

The Korean Medical Association is a group of doctors in favor of increasing the number of medical schools, and led the establishment of a free clinic for the homeless in Seoul Station. It is known that some medical residents took issue with this and directly urged Chairman Park to resign.

Daegu City Medical Association shouts slogans against increasing the number of medical schools

Daegu City Medical Association shouts slogans against increasing the number of medical schools

While opinions are divided about Chairman Park’s leadership, there are also predictions that his submission of resignation will open the door to ‘individual and collective resignations’ by medical residents.

As the government issued a threat that it would respond strictly to doctors’ collective action in accordance with laws and principles, residents reportedly have been considering ways to take collective action within the scope of not violating the law.

In particular, there is a growing sentiment that the government may interpret it as collective action if a contract is not renewed at the end of the training period or if a worker resigns for personal reasons.

There is also an interpretation that this is unrelated to the fact that Chairman Park wrote on social media when announcing his intention to resign, ‘I will support free will’ and ‘Please never take collective action.’

Previously, Chairman Park is said to have mentioned at the extraordinary general meeting on the 12th that it would be better to move as a ‘branch organization’, as anyone who makes a statement or appears to have discussed something could be legally sanctioned.

In fact, in some hospitals, residents are preparing to take action by gathering those willing to resign one by one.

On the 13th, a doctor who announced himself as an intern at Daejeon St. Mary’s Hospital and plans to become an orthopedic resident at Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital posted a video on YouTube saying, “I decided to resign and take a break due to personal reasons.”

Since then, interns at the Catholic Medical Center have been collecting voluntary resignations. Wonkwang University Hospital residents also decided to submit their resignations.

An official at a tertiary general hospital said, “I understand that there is a movement among residents to resign individually to avoid legal punishment if they take collective action,” and expressed concern that “if we cannot prevent it, it will be a catastrophe.”

However, as the government has announced a hard-line policy to respond to the resignation of medical residents, some analysts say that the spread of medical residents’ resignations will be nothing more than a ‘typhoon in a teacup.’

On this day, Vice Minister of Health and Welfare Park Min-soo warned about the individual resignations of some residents, saying, “If resignations are planned in advance and occur continuously and cause disruption to hospital work, it can be considered a collective action.”


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