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Putting pressure on the medical community by mentioning two policies they oppose

Ministry of Health and Welfare: “We will use it for military hospitals, public medical institutions, and emergency treatment.”

Vice Minister Park Min-soo briefing the Doctors' Collective Action Central Accident Control Headquarters

Vice Minister Park Min-soo briefing the Doctors’ Collective Action Central Accident Control Headquarters

(Seoul = Larose.VIP) Reporter Kim Byeong-gyu and Seo Seong-ho = When there were signs that the collective action of doctors opposing the expansion of medical schools would begin in earnest, the government took out the ‘pressure card’.

The plan was to ‘expand non-face-to-face treatment’ and ‘use nurses as PA (Physician Assistant)’, which are strongly opposed by the medical community.

Park Min-soo, Vice Minister of Health and Welfare, appeared on MBC Radio’s ‘Focus’ on the 15th and said, “If there is a problem with the functioning of the hospital due to a strike by residents, etc., we will look for ways to utilize the existing workforce more.” “We will expand it across the board and seek to allow PA support staff to play a more active role,” he said.

PA nurses play the role of assisting in operating rooms, assisting with testing procedures, requesting specimens, and assisting in emergency situations, and are partially taking on the role of doctors.

They are called ‘operating room nurses’ or ‘clinical nurses’, and it is known that there are more than 10,000 of them working across the country.

Non-face-to-face medical treatment is currently limited to returning patients, but as an exception, it is allowed from the first visit in medically vulnerable areas, on holidays, and at night.

Last December, the areas and times subject to exceptions were greatly expanded, and there is a possibility that it will be fully implemented ‘from the first visit without exception’ for a limited time during the collective action of residents.

Both the legalization of PA support staff and the comprehensive expansion of non-face-to-face medical treatment are policies that are strongly opposed by the medical community.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare’s mention of non-face-to-face treatment and expansion of PA support staff can be interpreted as an intention to ‘pressure’ the medical community while preparing for a medical vacuum situation when doctors take collective action.

'Doctors' strike' atmosphere intensifies

‘Doctors’ strike’ atmosphere intensifies

The government is also accelerating the preparation of emergency medical treatment measures in case collective action by doctors becomes a reality.

Vice Minister Park said, “We have prepared an emergency medical treatment response plan,” and added, “We are preparing all measures, including using emergency rooms using military hospitals, responding to the emergency system using public medical institutions, and expanding treatment hours by allowing existing personnel to spend more time.” “So we will make sure there is no disruption to treatment as much as possible,” he said.

Regarding the collective action movement of doctors’ groups, he said, “I believe that medical professionals will be respected as their basic mission is to save people’s health and lives,” and added, “The reason doctors exist is for patients, but the behavior of trying to use patients as tools to carry out one’s will is more serious.” “I hope there is nothing wrong,” he emphasized.

Regarding the individual moves by some residents to resign, he warned, “If it is planned in advance and resignations occur in succession and cause disruption to the hospital’s work, it may be considered a group action.”

He continued, “Because an order has already been issued prohibiting the acceptance of resignation letters, the hospital must prohibit the acceptance of resignation letters if it is judged to be collective. If the resignation letters are not accepted, the hospital must fulfill its legal obligations as a medical professional.”

In response to the Korean Medical Association’s claim that the medical school quota issue was not discussed in the 28 medical issues consultative meetings held between the government and the medical community, “The Korean Medical Association did not present numbers, but there was discussion regarding the medical school quota.” He pointed out, “We listened to opinions from all walks of life, but only the Korean Medical Association did not provide a number (increased troops).”

Vice Minister Park emphasized, “We are not trying to solve the essential medical problem by simply increasing the number of medical schools,” and added, “We announced a four-major policy package for essential medical care, but this alone is not enough. We also need to increase the number of medical schools.”


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