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Doctors point out government attitude and negative public opinion and say, “I will quit.”

Mass resignation of medical residents announced across the country… “An atmosphere of respect for doctors is needed”

“I can no longer work in an atmosphere that is hostile to doctors.”

“I can no longer work in an atmosphere that is hostile to doctors.”

(Seoul = Larose.VIP) Reporter Oh Jin-song and Kwon Ji-hyeon = “I decided that it would be difficult to continue my medical practice in the current situation where views toward doctors are full of hostility and anger.”

Jaewoo Hong, who announced himself as an intern at Daejeon St. Mary’s Hospital and plans to become an orthopedic resident at Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, announced his intention to resign through a video titled ‘Resolution’ on YouTube on the 13th.

He said, “I decided to resign and take a break for personal reasons,” but cited “hostility and anger toward doctors” as one of the reasons for his decision to resign. This means that the social conflict surrounding the government’s medical reform, such as increasing the number of medical schools, is not unrelated to his decision.

Chairman Park Dan, who leads the Korean Medical Residents Association (Daejeon Association), an organization of medical residents, including interns and residents, also announced the day before through social networking service (SNS) that he would submit his resignation on the 20th.

He said, “The last three years I worked at the hospital were the most depressing and unhappy times of my life.” He added, “The depression that built up as I faced death, the fear of medical lawsuits, the excessive working hours of 80 hours a week and low wages at the minimum hourly level, etc. “I can’t bear it anymore,” he said.

He also argued, “Residents are not slaves of the state,” and “If you really think there is a shortage of doctors, you should at least estimate the number of doctors through an agreement between the government and the medical community, and form an organization to take charge of this.”

Hong Jae-woo, an intern at Daejeon St. Mary's Hospital, announced his intention to resign through YouTube.

Hong Jae-woo, an intern at Daejeon St. Mary’s Hospital, announced his intention to resign through YouTube.

As strong opposition from doctors continues against the government’s medical reform policy, the withdrawal of doctors, especially residents, from the medical field is in full swing.

According to the Ministry of Health and Welfare, as of 24:00 the previous day, 154 residents at 7 hospitals across the country submitted letters of resignation.

The ‘Big 5’ hospital residents held a meeting late in the afternoon of the same day and decided to all submit their resignations by the 19th and leave the hospital at 6 a.m. the next day, the 20th. The Big 5 refers to large general hospitals in Seoul, including Seoul National University, Severance, Samsung Seoul, Seoul St. Mary’s, and Seoul Asan Medical Center.

It was reported that residents at eight St. Mary’s hospitals affiliated with the Catholic Medical Center will submit their resignations on this day.

Doctors are very angry at the government that ignores them, saying that the government announced the size of medical school expansion without agreement with doctors, and the public opinion that dismisses doctors as a selfish group that simply ‘fights for food.’

The ‘doctors’ strike’ atmosphere is rising...  General meeting of majors held today

The ‘doctors’ strike’ atmosphere is rising… General meeting of majors held today

Lee Hyeong-min, president of the Korean Association of Emergency Physicians, said, “The biggest threat is that respect for expertise is disappearing.” He added, “The mandatory operating room CCTV and excessive criminal punishment for doctors mean that doctors cannot be trusted. Creating an atmosphere of respect for doctors.” “We have to solve the problem starting from what we do,” he said.

One obstetrician-gynecologist said, “Most of the policies announced by the government, such as the ‘Essential Medical Package’, have been discussed in the past, and are useless because there is no way to raise funds,” and made a strong statement, “We will not criticize doctors if more people die.” It also poured out.

Yang Dong-ho, chairman of the Gwangju Medical Association’s representative committee, cited the Supreme Court’s sentencing of a doctor in December last year to six months in prison and two years of probation for failing to diagnose an aortic dissection during his first year as a resident, saying, “This is a situation where essential medical doctors are becoming ‘potential criminals.’ “I even feel skeptical about the meaning of the government and medical association’s efforts in the current medical issues consultative body,” he said.

The Korean Medical Association said in a resolution at the extraordinary general meeting on the 7th, “The government spent time shaking the Medical Issues Council back and forth like a leash on a pet dog, and then committed the atrocity of throwing the leash like a bored dog owner ahead of achieving the goal of increasing the number of medical school students.” The presentation was criticized.


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