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Actors who regularly appear in entertainment shows perform well despite concerns about their image being fixed.

‘2 Days & 1 Night’ Na In-woo’s acting received rave reviews… Joo Hyun-young won awards in both entertainment and drama last year

Drama ‘Marry My Husband’ actor Lee Yi-kyung

Drama ‘Marry My Husband’ actor Lee Yi-kyung

(Seoul = Larose.VIP) Reporter Hwang Jae-ha = “You stayed quiet when I was hit, but why can’t you be so fair!”

In ‘Marry My Husband’, which recently recorded the highest topicality for six consecutive weeks (according to Good Data Corporation) and a high viewership rating of up to 11.8% (according to Nielsen Korea), Lee Yi-kyung plays Park Min-hwan, who shows the end of ‘boringness’. postpone.

Park Min-hwan is a character who commits an affair with his old friend Jeong Soo-min (Song Ha-yoon) while his spouse Kang Ji-won (played by Park Min-young) is struggling with terminal cancer, and even after Ji-won discovers this, he shouts out loudly, “If you want to die, die gracefully!” am.

Afterwards, Kang Ji-won gets the chance to have a ‘second chance at life’ and goes back 10 years ago when she was dating Park Min-hwan.

Kang Ji-won, who returned to the past, realizes that compared to the future he experienced, it will happen anyway and that it is only possible to change the master of fate, and decides to marry Park Min-hwan to Jeong Soo-min. This is why the title of the drama is ‘Marry My Husband’.

Drama 'Marry My Husband' actor Lee Yi-kyung

Drama ‘Marry My Husband’ actor Lee Yi-kyung

When the news of Lee Yi-kyung’s casting was announced, there were not many expectations for his acting skills. This is because the roles he played in other recent works were far from villains, and his mischievous appearance was imprinted on various entertainment shows.

Lee Yi-kyung has been working as an MC on ENA/SBS Plus’ dating entertainment show ‘I’m Solo’ since 2021, and has been making regular appearances on MBC’s variety show ‘What Do You Do When You Hang Out?’ starting in 2022. She is especially solidifying her quirky and sly character in ‘What Do You Do When You Hang Out?’

However, in ‘Marry My Husband’, Lee Yi-kyung adds fun to the drama by transforming into Park Min-hwan, who hits his girlfriend every time and becomes aggressive whenever he sees a woman, in addition to the sly look he showed on entertainment shows.

The part where Kang Ji-won exposes Park Min-hwan’s affair in front of the company is considered a famous scene among viewers. After receiving several slaps, Park Min-hwan puts red underwear, evidence of his affair, on his head and looks helpless.

In this scene, after receiving two slaps, Lee Yi-kyung asks, “Why are you hitting me again when you hit me?” or, after trying to hit Kang Ji-won and being overpowered by Yoo Ji-hyuk (Na In-woo), Lee Yi-kyung says, “I stayed quiet when I got hit, so it’s not fair,” making everyone laugh. It evokes.

Some viewers left humorous reactions to this scene, asking, “Is this drama Lee Yi-kyung’s retirement project?” She is a compliment to the actor for breaking down for her work.

Drama 'Marry My Husband' actor Na In-woo

Drama ‘Marry My Husband’ actor Na In-woo

It is common for actors to appear on entertainment shows and show a new side of themselves, but the general belief is that if their image becomes fixed in entertainment shows, it can be an obstacle to returning to their day job and playing new characters.

For this reason, it is common for actors to withdraw from entertainment shows in which they are regularly appearing before appearing in a work, or to appear only in short entertainment shows that end after 2 to 3 months. There are many actors who only appear on entertainment shows to promote their work and are reluctant to make regular appearances.

However, recently, like Lee Yi-kyung, we can find examples of people trying to hit ‘two birds with one stone’ by showing a new image in their works while not giving up their image in entertainment.

Na In-woo, who appeared in ‘Marry My Husband’ with Lee Yi-kyung, is receiving favorable reviews for his role as Yoo Ji-hyuk, a reliable helper to the main character Kang Ji-won and who is living his second life.

Na In-woo earned the nickname ‘the next Kim Jong-min’ for his immature appearance while appearing on KBS’ signature entertainment show ‘2 Days & 1 Night’ starting in 2022, but in the drama, he plays a 180-degree different character as the heir to a chaebol family who is rational and never loses his composure. do.

Because of this image change, other contestants on ‘2 Days & 1 Night’ said to Na In-woo, “You seem to be acting like an idiot on entertainment shows,” which made people laugh.

Actress Joo Hyun-young of the drama ‘Yeolnyeo Park’s Contract Marriage’ and the entertainment show ‘Running Man’

Actress Joo Hyun-young of the drama ‘Yeolnyeo Park’s Contract Marriage’ and the entertainment show ‘Running Man’

Actress Joo Hyun-young gained recognition by appearing in all four seasons of Coupang Play’s original entertainment show ‘SNL Korea’ released between 2021 and 2023, and was also recognized in her main job by consistently appearing in dramas.

In the ‘SNL Korea’ series, Joo Hyun-young played a key role in the success of the program by playing the character ‘Reporter Joo’ and acting in a humorous manner. Afterwards, he gained popularity once again by playing the role of a ‘young old man’ in the ‘MZ Office’ corner.

During this period in 2022, Joo Hyun-young brilliantly played the role of Dong-gwon-mi, the main character’s close friend and helper, in ‘Weird Lawyer Woo Young-woo’. In 2023, she also played a significant role in the MBC drama ‘Yeol-nyeo Park’s Contract Marriage’.

Of course, Joo Hyun-young is different from Lee Yi-kyung and Na In-woo in that she played a character in a skit situation rather than a real variety show, but they have something in common in that they received favorable reviews for showing a new image in a drama after showing a clear image in a variety show.

Although Joo Hyun-young will not be joining season 5 of ‘SNL Korea’, which is scheduled to be released this year, she is not avoiding entertainment, appearing in the recently released 10-episode original TV show ‘Crime Scene Returns’ and acting as a guest on SBS’ ‘Running Man’. .

She won the 2022-2023 Baeksang Arts Awards TV Category Female Entertainment Award and the Blue Dragon Series Awards Female Entertainer Award, while also winning the 2023 MBC Drama Awards Female Rookie Award. In the same year, she was recognized in both entertainment and acting.


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