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Stray Kids and Ive also won the grand prize

NCT Dream

NCT Dream

(Seoul = Larose.VIP) Reporter Taesoo Lee = Groups NCT Dream, Seventeen, Stray Kids and girl group Ive received the grand prize at the ’31st Anniversary Hanteo Music Awards 2023′, a popular music awards ceremony.

At the awards ceremony held at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) in Seoul on the afternoon of the 18th, NCT Dream was selected as Best Artist, Seventeen as Best Album, Stray Kids as Best Performance, and Ive as Best Song.



Best artist, best album, best performance, and best song are eligible.

The Hanteo Music Awards is a popular music awards ceremony hosted by Hanteo Global, which operates Hanteo Chart, a real-time music chart, and was held over two days on the 17th and 18th.

Below is a list of winners by category.

▲ Favorite Vocal Performance Award = Kim Jae-hwan

▲ Emerging Artist Award = BBG, Tempest

▲ Favorite Band Performance Award = Lucy

▲ Popular Global Group Award = Kepler

▲ Favorite Crossover Group Award = Liberante

▲ Hanteo Choice K-POP Mail Artist Award = Banner

▲ Blooming Star Award = Just B

▲ Hanteo Choice K-POP Female Artist Award = Billy

▲ Special Award (Virtual Artist) = Play

▲ Post Generation Award = Chanwon Lee

▲ Popular Performance Group Award = BBB

▲ Popular Solo Artist Award = Jeong Dong-won

▲ Special Award (Trot) = Yeongtak

▲ Special Award (Band) = Exdinary Heroes

▲ Whos Fandom Award = Heroes’ Generation and Lim Young-woong

▲ Artist of the Year Bonsang = NCT Dream, Stray Kids, Seventeen, Ive, Enhyphen, Aespa, Tomorrow by Together, New Jeans, ATEEZ, (G)I-DLE, Le Seraphim, Jungkook, Jimin, V, NCT 127, Zero Base one

▲ Rookie of the Year Award (Female) = Triple S

▲ Rookie of the Year Award (Male) = Received the Zero Base One Award

▲ Global Outstanding Artist Award = Nmix

▲ Blooming Performance Group Award = Eightton

▲ Global Artist Award = Tomorrow by Together (Asia & North America), Jimin (South America & Australia), V (Europe & Africa)

▲ Legend Rock Icon Award = YB

▲ Best Trend Leader Award = Espa

▲ Special Award (Ballad) = Jaejeong Park

▲ Top Global Performer Award = ATEEZ

▲ Next Worldwide Artist Award = Rise

▲ Global Rising Artist Award = Kiss of Life

▲ Global Generation Icon Award = Espa

▲ Best album = Seventeen

▲ Best Performance = Stray Kids

▲ Best Song = Ive

▲ Best Artist = NCT Dream


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