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Without doctors, there are no patients?… Public sentiment is ‘cold’ towards collective action

Public opinion cools with remarks like “the government cannot beat doctors” and “what is lacking in local areas is the people”

Attacking not only the medical community and government, but also ‘public opinion’… However, public opinion is “overwhelmingly supportive of increasing the number of medical schools”

Doctors take to the streets

Doctors take to the streets

(Seoul = Larose.VIP) Reporter Kim Byeong-gyu and Kim Jan-di = While mass resignations among residents are expected to spread, fueled by the ‘Big 5’ hospitals, comments criticizing not only the government but also the public are continuing among doctors.

It is said that the remark was made to argue for the unfairness of increasing the number of medical schools, but the excessive level of remark only chills public opinion. The atmosphere is only increasing support for increasing the number of medical schools.

According to the medical community on the 18th, at the ‘Rally to block medical school expansion and essential medical package’ held by the Seoul Metropolitan Medical Association near the Presidential Office in Yongsan, Seoul on the evening of the 15th, one participant went up to the podium and made a statement advocating collective action by doctors. did.

He submitted a letter of resignation to the hospital ahead of completing his first year of residency, and raised his voice, saying, “You may be wondering how a doctor leaves the hospital and leaves his patients behind, but without me, there are no patients, and I think protecting me right now is a kindness.”

This was a sarcasm on the government and civic groups’ expression to dissuade doctors from taking collective action, saying, “There are no doctors without patients,” and applause erupted from the rally participants when this remark was made.

However, in the comments on the portal news that covered this news, there were overwhelmingly many posts to the effect that ‘the number of students admitted to medical school should be increased.’ Comments criticizing the remarks poured in, such as “It’s selfish” and “It’s a sense of privilege.”

A general hospital intern who posted a video on YouTube on the 13th saying he was resigning pointed an arrow at the general public, citing ‘public hostility’ as one of the reasons for his resignation.

He said, “I decided to resign and take a break for personal reasons. I decided that it would be difficult to continue practicing medicine in the current situation where views toward doctors are full of hostility and anger.”

He said, “I hope you will not dismiss the reason why I have no choice but to give up my position as the greed of vested interest groups and protecting my rice bowl.”

Support for the policy of increasing the number of medical school students

Support for the policy of increasing the number of medical school students

Prior to this, the hard-line remarks of mid-level doctors were also on the chopping block of public opinion.

Joo Su-ho, former president of the Korean Medical Association, criticized the increase in medical schools through social media and wrote, “What is lacking in the provinces is the people,” and was embroiled in controversy over belittling the provinces. Civility (民度) is a word that refers to the level of life or culture of the people.

As the controversy spread, former Chairman Joo posted a statement on social media and explained, “It was never a post intended to disparage local residents.”

Former Korean Medical Association Chairman Noh Hwan-gyu’s statement that “the government cannot defeat doctors” also became controversial.

He wrote on social media, “The government cannot beat doctors,” and “It is a ridiculously foolish idea to think that (the government) can beat doctors.”

The Korean Medical Association even used harsh expressions, saying, “The government committed the atrocity of throwing away the leash like a tired dog owner.”

Doctors are pouring out harsh remarks, blaming the government’s unreasonable increase in the number of medical schools and hostile public opinion, but in reality, public opinion gives absolute support to the increase in the number of medical schools.

In a survey by the health and medical union at the end of last year, 89.3% of respondents said, “I am in favor of expanding the number of medical school seats.” 85.6% said, “I do not support the Korean Medical Association refusing treatment or taking mass closures.”

From the 13th to the 15th, Gallup Korea asked 1,002 adult men and women across the country about their thoughts on the increase in medical schools, with 76% saying ‘there are more positive aspects’ and 16% saying ‘there are more negative aspects’. The response was overwhelming.

There has been a series of resolutions for collective resignation of medical residents and temporary temporary suspension of medical students’ unions, but it is not difficult to find negative voices regarding this.

Mr. A, an office worker in his 50s, said, “I have never heard of doctors in other countries opposing increasing the number of students at universities by abandoning patients. It is especially uncomfortable to see college students even opposing the issue of quota for their juniors.”

The Korean Medical Association believes that much of this negative public opinion stems from ‘misunderstandings.’

Accordingly, we plan to strengthen publicity to publicize the argument against increasing the number of medical schools.

Kim Taek-woo, chairman of the medical association’s emergency committee, said, “It is most important to inform the public of the problems of increasing the number of medical schools by 2,000, so we will also focus on informing them of the irrationality of the medical school increase. We plan to actively promote it to the public.”

Former President of the Medical Association Joo Soo-ho, who serves as the chairman of the media and public relations committee at the emergency committee of the Korean Medical Association, introduced the appeal of Severance Hospital and the ‘resignation’ of the medical director at a briefing after the emergency committee meeting on the 17th and said, “(following the action of the Ministry of Health and Welfare after the collective action) the medical license was revoked. He also said, “If this happens, there will be more doctors resigning.”

This female doctor’s post about resigning ahead of completing her residency in pediatrics is spreading around the resident and doctor community.

She said, “I am the mother of two children and currently pregnant.” She said, “My husband, who is an office worker, gave up his promotion at work and endured two years of parental leave, and after returning to work, I have survived each day thanks to the dedication of my parents.” “I can’t sleep, let alone prenatal care, and I can’t even eat cup ramen on time,” he wrote.

He said, “When I was performing CPR on a child who suffered cardiac arrest while on duty, I thought that the baby in my stomach might miscarry, but since I was a doctor, I promised myself to focus on treatment,” and added, “Whether it is 500 or 2,000, the policy to increase the number of medical schools is to support children and adolescents.” “We cannot prevent the collapse of the department,” he argued.

He continued, “Even if there is a strike (collective action), it is unlikely that any practical policy will be established for the collapsing essential medical departments, including the Department of Pediatrics, and it is difficult to endure the criticism that doctors value their own food more than the lives of patients.” .

“I do not come from a family of doctors and I have no money saved, and now as a mother of three children, I need to make a living and have time to take care of my children,” she said. “I can’t give up being a mother, so I gave up being a pediatrician and became a general dermatologist.” “I will have to live with it,” he said.

9th meeting of the Central Accident Control Headquarters for collective action of doctors

9th meeting of the Central Accident Control Headquarters for collective action of doctors


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