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Shine on your inner self with the new mini-album ‘Easy’… “Aiming to enter the Billboard Hot 100”

Le Seraphim's comeback stage after 9 months

Le Seraphim’s comeback stage after 9 months

(Seoul = Larose.VIP) Reporter Tae-soo Lee = “This is an album that expresses Le Seraphim’s blood, sweat, and tears behind the scenes. We are also working extremely hard.” (Kazha)

At a showcase commemorating the release of their third mini album ‘EASY’ held at Korea University’s Hwajeong Gymnasium in Seongbuk-gu, Seoul on the 19th, girl group Le Seraphim said, “We are a group that challenges new styles and pursues dreams,” and added, “We are a group that tells our own stories through music. “Because we were a team, I felt it was cool to tell such raw stories.”

‘Easy’ is an album in which Le Seraphim, who has always shown a confident appearance since his debut in 2022, brings out the anxieties and worries he secretly felt behind the scenes.

The members wrote another story by freely exposing their raw emotions, such as nervousness and worry, which were contrary to the concept they had presented so far.

Sakura said, “When we debuted, all we had in mind was ‘I have to work hard,’ but as we promoted, we received a lot of love.” She added, “I also got anxious thinking, ‘Will we ever receive this much love again?’ We always show a new side of ourselves. “It was also a burden to have to give it,” he explained.

The album includes the title song ‘EASY’, which promises to turn a difficult road into an easy one by cultivating it yourself, ‘Good Bones’, which shouts about believing in one’s own strength, and ‘Swan Song’, which talks about the hard work and hard work under the stage. It contains a total of five songs, including ‘Swan Song’ and ‘Smart’, which declares that one will become the winner of this world.

Kazuha introduced, “This ‘Easy’ is an album that focuses on the members’ inner lives,” and added, “It will be able to show their honest and human sides.”

Hong Eun-chae said, “I have a strong desire to surprise many people,” and added, “I’m excited that it will be a new beginning for Le Seraphim with a unique appearance in music, message, and performance.”

The title song ‘Easy’ is a song that expresses our determination to make everything easy, even though nothing is easy. General producer Bang Si-hyuk (Chairman of Hive) and Producer Team 13 participated in the song work. The catchy vocals of R&B style and highly addictive melody are in harmony.

The music video for ‘Eazy’ was produced and directed by Nina McNeely, a director and choreographer who has worked with famous overseas artists such as Doja Cat and The Weeknd.

Contrary to the melody, which is easy to listen to, the choreography boasts the most difficulty among the songs so far.

Heo Yun-jin said, “The choreography was difficult, so I practiced by running 3 km every day to build up my stamina. I am proud of myself for practicing and working hard in unseen places, both before and after my debut.”

Sakura added, “I think our characteristic is ‘venom,’ and you can feel that venom, which is no joke.” Hong Eun-chae also said, “I felt growth in that the scope of what I could do became a little wider.”

Seraphim greets comeback

Seraphim greets comeback

Le Seraphim debuted in 2022 with ‘FEARLESS’ and became a 4th generation girl with hits such as ‘ANTIFRAGILE’, ‘UNFORGIVEN’, and ‘Eve, Psyche and Bluebeard’s Wife’. He played an active role as the group’s representative runner.

In particular, their first English single ‘Perfect Night’, released in October of last year, dominated the fierce music market at the end of last year, reaching #1 on Melon’s monthly chart.

Sakura reflected, “I received more love than I expected with ‘Perfect Night’, so I had concerns and anxiety about the next album. However, I overcame this by practicing with a positive mindset that I could do it because I had always tried my best.”

Le Seraphim is also scheduled to appear at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, a large music festival held in California, USA in April.

Chaewon Kim said, “I think this is an opportunity to better promote our team, so I’m preparing hard.”

“I first heard ‘Easy’ during my first tour last year, and I loved it from the first listen, so I listened to it all the time, even when I was washing up or moving in the car. I want to aim for it to enter Billboard’s ‘Hot 100’. Haha.” (Heo Yunjin)


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