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Contains 5 songs including double title songs ‘Shopper’ and ‘Hole’… All songs written by IU

'Hole' music video capture

‘Hole’ music video capture

(Seoul = Larose.VIP) Reporter Choi Jae-seo = IU’s mini album ‘The Winning’, released for the first time in two years, will be released at 6 pm on the 20th.

The new album contains five songs, including the double title songs ‘Shopper’ and ‘Hole’, as well as pre-released songs ‘Love wins all’, ‘Shh’, and ‘I’ll be the audience’. .

IU was credited as the sole lyricist for all of the songs on the album, and writers including Hong So-jin, Seo Dong-hwan, Je-hwi, and Kim Hee-won participated in the production.

The title song ‘Hole’ is a hip-hop and R&B-based song, featuring a catchy rhyme and a nursery rhyme-like melody.

In this song, IU collaborated again with composers Lee Jong-hoon and Lee Chae-gyu, who created ‘Spring Love, Not Cherry Blossoms’, ‘Twenty-Three’, and ‘Blooming’.

In the introduction to the music video for ‘Hole Seed’ released on the 16th, he wrote, “I, in my 30s, have realized that there is no reason or need for everyone in the world to be a flower, and I want to live as a Seed that flutters alone in the sky.”

'Shopper' music video capture

‘Shopper’ music video capture

Another title song, ‘Shopper’, is an electro pop rock with an intense sound. The chorus was filled with constant high notes that only IU can pull off.

The music video for this song was directed by DPR Ian (IAN), who collaborated with Taeyang, Loco, and Song Min-ho.

In addition, the song ‘Shh..’ featured Hyein of the group New Jeans and singer-songwriter Cho Won-seon.

BTS’s V and actor Tang Wei also appeared in the music videos for ‘Love Wins All’ and ‘Shh..’, respectively.

Among them, ‘Love Wins All’ went straight to No. 1 on Melon’s ‘Top 100’, Korea’s largest music platform, within an hour of its release on the 24th of last month, and has been at the top of the charts for several weeks.


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