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Other large hospitals are also making mass resignations… Concerns are rising that a ‘medical crisis’ may become a reality

Consider increasing the number of specialists and dedicated nurses at each hospital and adjusting the surgery schedule.

(Suwon = Larose.VIP) Reporter Kim Sol = While the medical community is protesting against the government’s policy to expand the number of medical school students, it has been confirmed that more than half of the residents at Ajou University Hospital, the largest general hospital in the southern Gyeonggi region, have submitted letters of resignation.

[모멘트]  Resident with resignation letter in hand

[모멘트] Resident with resignation letter in hand

According to Ajou University Hospital on the 19th, about 130 out of 225 residents at the hospital submitted their resignation.

Accordingly, it is expected that many of the hospital’s residents will stop working from the 20th.

In the case of Ajou University Hospital, there are a total of 650 doctors, excluding dentists, and about 20% of them are no longer working.

An official at Ajou University Hospital said, “We plan to minimize medical gaps by adjusting the work hours of doctors other than residents, such as specialists, as much as possible.” He added, “Because the number of people who actually resigned and the number of people who stop working may be different, we will check the situation tomorrow.” “We will report it and establish a detailed response policy,” he said.

There are concerns that a medical crisis may become a reality as it appears that similar movements will occur at branches in Gyeonggi-do of Seoul’s ‘Big 5’ hospitals, where residents previously announced plans to resign en masse.

The Big 5 hospitals are Seoul National University, Severance, Samsung Seoul, Asan Seoul, and Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, and all residents at these hospitals submitted their resignations by this day and announced that they would stop working from 6 a.m. on the 20th.

Accordingly, as of 5 p.m. on this day, about 110 out of 192 residents at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, a branch of Seoul National University Hospital, had also submitted their resignation.

Seoul National University Bundang Hospital plans to adjust the on-call schedules of specialists and deploy support staff, such as dedicated nurses, to prepare for gaps in medical personnel.

An official from Seoul National University Bundang Hospital said, “We will check the situation of each department in real time tomorrow and adjust the scheduled surgery schedule if necessary.” “I think we have to work hard,” he said.

Hold the gown in your hand

Hold the gown in your hand

At Sinchon Severance Hospital, resignation letters are coming in, mainly from pediatric and adolescent residents, and it is predicted that there is a high possibility that the 28 residents dispatched to Yongin Severance Hospital will also join them.

However, in the case of Yongin Severance Hospital, since it is a new hospital, the number of residents is small compared to other hospitals, so the possibility of surgical disruption is not expected to be high, an official at the hospital said.

In addition, group movements of residents are being detected in other general hospitals in the province.

Tertiary general hospitals located in the southern region of Gyeonggi include Ajou University Hospital, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, Korea University Ansan Hospital, Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital, and St. Vincent Hospital.

In the case of Korea University Ansan Hospital, it was reported that some of the 140 residents were submitting their resignations on this day.

An official at Korea University Ansan Hospital said, “We are currently counting the number of resignation letters submitted,” and added, “It appears that residents are submitting their resignations individually.”

Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital in Pyeongchon and St. Vincent’s Hospital in Suwon are checking whether residents have submitted resignation letters.

Lee Dong-wook, chairman of the emergency response committee of the Gyeonggi Provincial Medical Association, said, “We give full support to the residents’ movement,” and added, “Medical associations from all 31 cities and counties in the province plan to collect support funds for them, and we will also provide legal support if necessary.” .


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