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“Medical school capacity has not been increased by even one person for 27 years… The reality of local medical services is extremely miserable.”

In response to school violence, “Do not let teachers or schools take on the burden of investigation, deliberation, and decision-making.”

President Yoon Seok-yeol's remarks at the Cabinet meeting

President Yoon Seok-yeol’s remarks at the Cabinet meeting

(Seoul = Larose.VIP) Reporters Jeong A-ran, Kwak Min-seo, and Lee Dong-hwan = On the 20th, President Yoon Seok-yeol responded to the group action taken by some doctors in protest against the government’s policy of increasing the number of medical schools, saying, “Residents who are the leading players in the medical field and medical students who are the leading figures in future medical care are “There should not be collective action that holds the lives and health of the people hostage,” he said.

President Yoon pointed out this in his plenary remarks at the Cabinet meeting broadcast live on TV from the Presidential Office in Yongsan on this day, saying, “As mass leaves of absence, including the resignation of medical residents, were announced last week, there were cases where surgeries were reduced or surgeries on cancer patients were postponed.”

Regarding the government’s medical reform, President Yoon said, “Protecting the lives and safety of the people is the reason for the existence of the country, along with national security and public order, and the most basic constitutional responsibility given to the government.” He added, “In that respect, the country must use medical resources efficiently.” “We must manage it to protect the lives and health of the people,” he emphasized.

He said, “Doctors should never collectively refuse treatment, even if they are not government officials such as soldiers or police officers.”

In particular, President Yoon responded to the government’s announcement that it would increase the number of medical school students by 2,000 starting next year’s entrance exam, saying, “Some are even raising absurd conspiracy theories, saying that the increase of 2,000 students is excessive. However, even this number is not enough. 2,000 students.” “The number of troops is literally the minimum expansion scale,” he explained.

This can be interpreted as dismissing the prediction of some that an adjustment will be made through negotiations with the medical community regarding the increase in the number of medical school students announced by the government to 2,000 students.

President Yoon pointed out, “The need for medical reform has already been raised for a long time,” and “Despite the urgent need for medical reform, nearly 30 years have passed without any previous government presenting a solution.”

He continued, “The workforce in the essential medical field has decreased significantly, and local essential medical care has also collapsed,” and “The collapse of the local essential medical system means that the health and safety of people living in the region have become very dangerous.”

President Yoon especially focused on explaining the justification for the policy of expanding medical school admissions.

President Yoon said, “The government has not been able to increase the number of medical school students by even one person over the past 27 years. We all know that the collapse of local essential medical services cannot be resolved by increasing the number of doctors. However, increasing the number of doctors is essential to prevent the collapse of essential medical services.” “It is clear that it is a condition,” he emphasized.

In addition, he said, “The government has attempted to increase the number of doctors several times, but has repeatedly failed and adjusted over the past 30 years.” He also said, “It has now reached a point where failure itself can no longer be tolerated.”

In response to some claims that the quality of medical education will deteriorate due to the increase in the number of medical schools, President Yoon said, “Seoul National University’s medical school currently has 135 students per grade, but 40 years ago, in 1983, it had a whopping 260 students.” “They didn’t lack any capacity at all,” he countered.

At the same time, he promised that he would not hesitate to invest and support more necessary areas of medical education, saying, “On the contrary, these people have raised Korea’s medical care to the world’s best level with their outstanding capabilities.”

President Yoon said, “Korea’s medical capabilities are the best in the world, but the reality of medical services that patients and citizens face in the region is so disappointing and, in some ways, downright miserable.” He added, “We ask medical professionals to participate in medical reform that can no longer be delayed.” He appealed.

In addition, he mentioned the government’s support measures, such as fair compensation for medical personnel and reducing judicial risks, and promised, “We will take responsibility to create an environment where you can practice medicine to the best of your faith.”

Spokesperson Kim Soo-kyung said that President Yoon once again confirmed his firm position on medical reform in his closing remarks.

President Yoon said, “It is impossible for the lives and health of the people to be threatened in the process of medical reform,” and asked, “The entire cabinet must unite to prevent harm to the people.” He also added, “Clinicians are important, but expanding medical personnel is also important to achieve international competitiveness in the cutting-edge bio and healthcare fields.”

Regarding the low birth rate issue, President Yoon said that the total fertility rate for 2023 will be announced soon, and that “we will once again confirm with numbers how serious the problem is.”

He continued, “It is true that there are no immediate measures that can solve the low birth rate problem in a short period of time,” and emphasized, “We need to thoroughly analyze the root cause, carefully review the existing policies, and restructure the low birth rate policy.”

He also mentioned youth’s anxiety about childcare, employment, and housing, and promised, “No policy will be effective unless it is a measure that clearly touches the skin. We will discover policies that directly help childbirth and childrearing and promote them without hesitation.” .

Regarding some companies recently paying unprecedented amounts of childbirth incentives, he said, “I am really glad and grateful. The government will not just sit by and watch,” and added, “We will quickly prepare various support measures, including tax benefits.”

To the Committee on Low Birth Rate and Aging Society, which recently appointed a new vice-chairman, he asked, “I hope you will have extraordinary determination and serve as a control tower to respond to the low birth rate.” He also said he would change the position of vice-chairman from part-time to full-time, raise his rank and honor, and allow him to attend cabinet meetings.

Regarding fine dust in the spring, President Yoon said, “As the atmosphere stagnates due to abnormal weather such as El Niño, the concentration of fine dust is expected to rise higher than usual,” adding that more intensive preparations are needed in addition to the ‘seasonal management system’ that has been implemented since December of last year. pointed out that

Regarding the ‘Neulbom School’, President Yoon said, “The government’s care of children is a humanitarian and human rights issue that must be resolved by any means possible,” and “Everyone in our society must participate with the mindset of taking care of their own children.” said.

He also stated, “Politics should not intervene and influence the issue of raising children in our society,” and asked, “Not only the Ministry of Education and local governments, but also the entire cabinet, should work hard to establish Neulbom School.”

When it comes to responding to school violence, President Yoon said, “In the process of investigating, deliberating, and deciding on issues, don’t let teachers or schools take over the work,” and added, “Deliberation and decision-making bodies should also create common standards across the country and ensure that similar misbehaviors are treated similarly anywhere.” “We must ensure that sanctions are implemented,” he emphasized.


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