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The Vice Minister of Health and Welfare’s remarks, such as ‘Uise’ and ‘the ratio of female doctors’, are refuted day after day.

The Korean Medical Association’s emergency committee plans to strengthen public relations… Consideration of regularizing ‘press briefings’

Kim Taek-woo (left), Chairman of the Medical Association Emergency Committee and Park Min-soo, Second Vice Minister of Health and Welfare

Kim Taek-woo (left), Chairman of the Korea Medical Association Emergency Committee, and Park Min-soo, Second Vice Minister of Health and Welfare

(Seoul = Larose.VIP) Reporter Seong Seong-ho = The Korean Medical Association, which entered into an emergency response committee (emergency committee) system in protest against the government’s increase in medical schools, has been refuting the contents of the government’s regular briefings day after day.

As the Ministry of Health and Welfare established the ‘Doctors’ Collective Action Central Accident Management Headquarters’ and held daily briefings to reveal the situation of collective action and the government’s hard-line response stance, the Korean Medical Association Emergency Committee also appears to have begun a ‘public opinion war’ in earnest.

According to the medical community on the 20th, the Korean Medical Association held an extraordinary general meeting of representatives on the 7th of this month, before the Lunar New Year holiday, and decided to switch to a non-representative system and discussed collective action plans.

Since the emergency committee’s first meeting on the 17th of this month, they have been refuting the announcements made by the Ministry of Health and Welfare every day and representing the doctors’ position.

On this day, the Emergency Committee raised its eyebrows at the ‘increase in the ratio of female doctors’ mentioned by Park Min-soo, Second Vice Minister of Health and Welfare, when explaining the basis for the shortage of doctors at a briefing.

Vice Minister Park said, “Studies by the Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs (BOSAYeon), the Korea Development Institute (KDI), and Seoul National University have shown that there is a shortage of about 10,000 doctors,” adding, “The increase in the ratio of female doctors and the working hours of male and female doctors are increasing.” “Even the differences were analyzed through the estimation process,” he said.

In response, the emergency committee countered, saying, “This is a discriminatory statement against women.” They said, “We are pushing to increase the number of medical school students based on research conducted with a low regard for women’s work ability.”

The day before, Vice Minister Park took issue with the fact that he pronounced ‘doctor’ in a briefing that sounded like ‘uisae’.

Uisee is usually an expression derogatory to a doctor, and Vice Minister Park expressed regret, saying that there was a mistake in pronunciation due to fatigue caused by excessive work.

The emergency committee said, “Vice Minister Park, who did not hesitate to make discriminatory remarks against women after making disparaging remarks about doctors called Uisee, does not have the basics as a high-ranking public official,” and urged them to “apologize for the remarks and resign voluntarily.”

The day before, the Ministry of Health and Welfare had sent by registered mail a prior notice of ‘administrative action to suspend doctor’s license’ to two executives, including emergency committee chairman Kim Taek-woo and organization strengthening committee chairman Park Myeong-ha, and the emergency committee said, “Such innocent punishment will only strengthen our struggle.” “He emphasized.

On the 18th, when Prime Minister Han Deok-soo issued a statement to the public, he criticized the government, saying, “The government is demonizing the profession of doctors and witch-hunting them.”

The Emergency Committee said, “Residents who resigned of their own free will have exercised a basic right guaranteed by the Constitution, and the government is encouraging medical workers who have already resigned and are unemployed to work forcibly,” adding, “No matter how much it is an order from the executive branch, the Constitution and laws do not apply.” “It is common sense in a country governed by the rule of law that if it is judged to be in violation of the law, its effectiveness is denied,” he said.

This type of ‘argument’ between the government and the Korean Medical Association is expected to continue for the time being.

The Korean Medical Association’s Emergency Committee has established a policy of actively promoting the disease to the public in order to raise awareness of the problems of increasing the number of medical students. Like the Ministry of Health and Welfare, we are also considering a plan to regularize briefings for the media.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare is also considering a plan to hold an informal briefing session (backbriefing) for reporters in the afternoon following the regular briefing every morning.


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