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Mini album ‘The Winning’… “The transition process to becoming a major star”

'The Winning' cover

‘The Winning’ cover

(Seoul = Larose.VIP) Reporter Choi Jae-seo = At ​​one time, I wanted to bloom like a flower. But aren’t there some lives where that isn’t possible? Do we really have to be flowers?

IU’s mini album ‘The Winning’, released on the 20th, began with these concerns.

‘If anyone asks how I am, please tell them / He has become Mr. Hol…’ ‘What’s wrong with Mr. Hol? All you have to do is live as a wonderful person.

‘The Winning’ says that there is no need to hide your desires even if you are a somewhat shabby existence. Achieve victory proudly as Mr. Hol.

IU has captured the public’s sympathy by capturing the emotions she felt at the time, focusing on her age, in her album.

The previous work, ‘Piece of Pieces’, which was released two years and two months ago, dealt with a rather heavy topic. It was a story of the first year of letting go of loved ones and welcoming them back.

This album can also be said to be an album in which IU puts down the heaviness of her previous work and takes flight lightly, delivering a message of hope.

In an interview published on the official YouTube channel, he said, “The 30s is an age that really suits me,” and “I felt a lot of comfort and convenience that I had never felt in my teens or 20s.”

It is only in his 30s that he returns to his true self and tells his listeners, ‘Let’s desire to our heart’s content.’

'Shopper' music video

‘Shopper’ music video

The double title songs ‘Shopper’ and ‘Mr. Hole’ are songs with completely different vibes, but the theme matches the ‘victory’ that IU talks about.

IU, who wrote the lyrics, says that if that’s what you want, want it confidently, and even if it’s a waste, follow your own desires.

In the music video, the theme was further solidified through shoppers scooping up what they wanted and fluttering spores.

A notable feature of this album is that it attempted to transform into a ‘large-scale pop star’ by increasing its scale in terms of theme and song style.

Looking at the genres of the songs, ‘Shopper’ is electro-pop rock, ‘Hole’ is hip-hop and R&B-based pop, and ‘Love wins all’ is a gorgeous symphonic ballad, etc.

In terms of message, unlike previous albums that were focused on one’s own feelings, the focus was on conveying universal hope.

Kim Do-heon, a popular music critic, said, “I think this work is an effort to achieve the status of a pop star like Taylor Swift or Beyonce,” and added, “It is the condensed result of IU’s career.”

In the same context, the pre-released song ‘Love Wins All’ also contains a huge message: ‘Let’s love each other even in the midst of hate.’

IU introduced this song, saying, “Some people say that this is an era of great hatred,” and “It contains the story of those who try to love until the end in a world that hinders love.”

Critic Kim Do-heon, however, expressed regret, saying, “In a situation where there is no innovative step up in music, only the message has become grandiose, so it seems that the music that embraces and empathizes with everyone has been lost.”

IU interview capture

IU interview capture

This album is also a work that gives a glimpse into the level of IU’s status in the music industry.

In particular, looking at the participants in the b-side song ‘Shh..’, IU’s unique influence across generations is revealed.

IU virtually attracted representatives of each generation, from the original diva Patti Kim, who announced her retirement, to singer-songwriter Cho Won-seon and New Jeans Hye-in.

According to her agency, Edam Entertainment, IU wrote a letter directly to Patti Kim in the United States and asked her to narrate, and Patti Kim readily accepted.

In addition, the last track, ‘I’ll Be the Audience’, is evaluated as a sound source reminiscent of the simple IU in the early days of her debut, and is arousing nostalgia in listeners.

Even though there is no catchy melody, each song in the album attracts attention with its own symbolism or charm.

Immediately after the release of ‘The Winning’, all of the songs included in the album ranked high on major domestic music charts.


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