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Emergency committee’s first regular briefing… “A citizen’s right to life is precious, but the freedom of doctors to choose their profession must also be respected.”

“Responsibility lies entirely with the government” for a group of medical residents leaving the hospital.

“Medical school expansion and essential medical care package, both diagnosis and solution are wrong.”

Regular briefing of the Korean Medical Association Emergency Committee

Regular briefing of the Korean Medical Association Emergency Committee

(Seoul = Larose.VIP) Reporter Seong-ho Seong-ho and Ji-hyeon Kwon = The Emergency Response Committee of the Korean Medical Association called the government’s response, such as the order to resume work for residents who left the hospital, “repression at the level of loss of reason.” highly criticized.

On the afternoon of the 21st, the Medical Association Emergency Committee held its first emergency committee regular briefing at the Medical Association Hall in Yongsan-gu, Seoul and announced this.

The emergency committee’s regular briefing is a rebuttal to the regular briefing by the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s ‘Physician Collective Action Central Accident Control Headquarters (Replica)’.

Joo Su-ho, head of the emergency committee’s public relations committee (former president of the Korean Medical Association), said, “The government’s suppression of medical residents’ basic rights is spreading to the point of losing reason,” and criticized, “Doctors did not know that the Republic of Korea is a dictatorship capable of excessive application of laws and abuse.”

Chairman Joo said, “The Ministry of Health and Welfare defined the resignation of residents as a collective action and issued an order to resume work for 6,112 residents to punish them.” He added, “The people’s right to life is naturally precious, but the freedom of doctors to choose their profession is also important.” “It should be respected as a fundamental right of the people,” he said.

He took issue with the official letter sent by the Ministry of Health and Welfare to the Korean Medical Association requesting the suspension of fundraising the previous day, and the official letter sent by the Military Manpower Administration to medical residents cautioning them against traveling abroad.

The Korean Medical Association’s emergency committee decided to collect donations to protect members and fight, but the Ministry of Health and Welfare requested a halt to this fundraising, saying it was intended to support illegal group actions. It also included a warning that legal action would be taken if the medical association does not cooperate.

According to the current medical law, the Korea National Medical Association, a national doctor’s organization, must cooperate when it receives a ‘request for cooperation in improving medical care and public health’ from the Minister of Health and Welfare.

However, Chairman Joo refuted, “These government demands are not cooperation in improving public health at all, so there is no reason to cooperate.”

The Military Manpower Administration issued an official document stating that medical officer candidates who submitted their resignation as a collective action must obtain a letter of recommendation from the head of their institution when applying for an overseas travel permit, just like regular trainees.

Chairman Joo said, “There is no reason to cooperate with the Ministry of Health and Welfare,” and criticized, “The Military Manpower Administration sent an official document that is no different from a departure ban order issued only to serious criminals. The government is equating doctors with violent criminals.”

He said, “No matter how much the government illegally oppresses actions based on free will (resignation of medical residents), nothing will change. If one doctor is oppressed, 1,000 doctors will give up (the practice of medicine), and if that number increases, all of Korea’s “Doctors will give up being doctors,” he warned.

He added, “If the government wants to enable doctors to practice medicine again, the government just needs to show hope. If the government values ​​the lives of its people even a little, I hope it will listen to the doctors.”

Government sends official notice to Korean Medical Association to suspend fundraising activities

Government sends official notice to Korean Medical Association to suspend fundraising activities

The Korean Medical Association said it was “sorry to the people” for the group departure of medical residents and the resulting ‘medical chaos’, but insisted that “responsibility lies entirely with the government.”

In addition, in response to the point that damage is being caused to other professions, such as nurses, in filling the work gaps of residents who left, he refuted, saying, “The health and medical unions that mainly say such things are not qualified to say such things.”

Chairman Joo said, “They say they protected the emergency room and operating room even during the strike, but the doctors and professors who want to leave are also protecting the emergency room to the core.” He added, “We need to listen to those who ask for a raise in their salaries while asking for lower health insurance premiums.” “There is no,” he said.

Regarding the legal action warned by the government against collective action by residents, “We are providing advice to residents when they request an order to return to work, and if this case results in their license being revoked or an investigation by the prosecution, the Legal Support Group of the Medical Association will be contacted.” “A lawyer will accompany you,” he explained.

Regarding the prior notice of administrative disposition to suspend medical licenses sent by the Ministry of Health and Welfare to emergency committee executives, including emergency committee chairman Kim Taek-woo, the previous day, he said, “The order itself is illegal, so the disposition based on it is also illegal,” and “We will fight until the end in administrative litigation and fight unwaveringly.” “I will do it,” he said.

The Korean Medical Association’s position is that the government’s plan to increase the number of medical schools and essential medical care packages is wrong in both diagnosis and solutions.

As the basis for this, Chairman Joo cited the reality that an increasing number of pediatric and adolescent specialists are providing treatment in other specialties despite the decreased pediatric and adolescent population, and argued, “If we increase the number of doctors who are not in short supply, the non-reimbursement market will only grow.”

In addition, regarding the government’s push to ease the burden of criminal punishment on medical professionals and to compensate them through insurance subscription, he said, “No-fault immunity is natural, and since we provide treatment according to the fee set by the government, it is right for the government to provide compensation for salary items.” said.


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