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Over two days, more than 8,700 students across the country submitted leave of absence reports… I don’t think it will be approved

If class and practice refusal continues for a long period of time, there is a possibility of ‘disagreement of opinion’ even within the medical school.

Forecast of mass leave of absence for medical students, possibility of academic disruption

Forecast of mass leave of absence for medical students, possibility of academic disruption

(Seoul = Larose.VIP) Reporters Go Yoo-seon and Seo Hye-rim = As medical students protesting against the increase in the number of medical school students are submitting a collective leave of absence notice, disruptions in the academic operation of medical schools are expected to become inevitable.

Although the government and universities are rejecting students’ applications for leave of absence, saying that alliance leave does not constitute a reason for leave of absence, there is also a movement among universities to refuse classes and practical training.

However, since taking a leave of absence is an option that has a great impact on students’ career paths, there are predictions that if the situation continues for a long time, a significant number of students will have no choice but to return to school.

University hospital hospital room with lights off

University hospital hospital room with lights off

◇ 8,700 students ‘submitted a large number of leave of absence’… Expectation of disruption in academic operations

According to the Ministry of Education on the 21st, 7,620 medical students applied for leave of absence the day before, following 1,133 on the 19th. A total of 8,753 people.

Considering that according to education statistics as of April 1 last year, the number of students enrolled in medical schools nationwide was 18,793, nearly half (46.6%) applied for a leave of absence within two days.

Although the Ministry of Education did not disclose the specific name of the university or the number of applicants for leave of absence by school, 27 out of 40 medical schools across the country applied for leave of absence.

The government and universities are maintaining their stance that alliance leave of absence is not a reason for leave of absence.

For this reason, there are only about 30 cases in which leave of absence has been approved that have nothing to do with government policies, such as enlistment or paid pay, and it is highly unlikely that allied leave of absence will be approved in the future.

However, even if the leave of absence is not approved, there is a high possibility that academic operations will be disrupted if some students continue to ‘refuse classes and practice.’

In fact, it was reported that at Sungkyunkwan University Medical School the previous day, some classes did not proceed properly as many students did not attend classes and faculty members were assigned to hospital treatment.

Third-year students at Konyang University College of Medicine also began boycotting classes the day before. Pusan ​​National University College of Medicine’s Emergency Department Policy Response Committee also announced that it would refuse classes and practical training starting on the 20th.

Chosun University College of Medicine postponed some classes, including clinical trials scheduled to be held this month.

Due to the nature of medical schools where most students take the same lectures and live together, the identity of students who do not participate in collective action may be revealed, so submission of leave of absence notices and refusal of classes and practice may continue even after the 20th.

As medical students take collective action in conjunction with the mass resignation and departure of medical residents from their workplaces, the burden on the government for the ‘medical crisis’ is expected to increase further.

In fact, even when the government pushed to increase the number of medical schools in 2020, medical students refused classes and practical training as well as taking national exams, contributing to the collective action of current doctors.

At the time, the government raised a ‘white flag’ for doctors, and even revised the Enforcement Decree of the Medical Service Act to provide relief to medical students, providing additional opportunities for national exams.

This is because if there is a disruption in the training and production of medical professionals due to medical students’ refusal to take classes and practice and failure to take national exams, it will inevitably have an impact on the medical field in the mid to long term.

‘Will the medical student alliance leave of absence become a reality?’

‘Will the medical student alliance leave of absence become a reality?’

◇ If the confrontation is prolonged, differences of opinion will likely increase even within medical students.

Some believe that if the standoff between lawmakers and government prolongs and extends beyond March, there is a high possibility that differences of opinion will arise even within the medical school.

Unlike a strike, a leave of absence can continue to affect future career choices, promotions, and taking national exams, so it is not easy for students to refuse classes and practice for a long period of time.

It was reported that even in the process of deciding on an alliance leave of absence by the Korea Medical University and Graduate School of Medicine Student Association (KMA), the representative body of medical school students, there were various opinions conflicting about the level and method of collective action.

Regarding the possibility of repeating a grade for students who refused to take classes, an official from the Ministry of Education said, “The specifics of how classes are reflected (in grades) will be determined at the school level as they are different for each school or class,” but added, “From the Ministry of Education’s perspective, it is necessary to supervise academic administration.” “We will proceed strictly in accordance with laws and principles and school regulations. Our basic policy is to request that (the university) manage it strictly in accordance with laws and regulations,” he emphasized.

From the perspective of individual students, they participate in applying for leave of absence or refusing classes and practice due to the burden of not participating in collective action right away, but if it continues for a long time, there is a high possibility that more people will return to class.

An official from a university that runs a medical school said, “Applications for leave of absence were originally supposed to be made individually on the intranet (student portal), but students had to write applications by hand and submit them together.” However, as far as I know, there are no students who have actually applied individually electronically.”

An official from the Ministry of Education said, “We have conveyed the university’s position to actively cooperate so that students can continue their studies without hesitation and the academic atmosphere is not undermined.” “We will check,” he said.


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