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9th album released in 10 years… “‘Kim Na-bak’ has hurdles to overcome and will only sing like an idiot.”

Singer Kim Beom-su

Singer Kim Beom-su

(Seoul = Larose.VIP) Reporter Taesoo Lee = “Others say that I have been fine for 25 years, but in reality, there were many worries, conflicts, failures and frustrations. My musical journey was not a ‘raft’, but it was not a comfortable ‘cruise’ either. It was.”

When asked about his thoughts on the 25th anniversary of his debut in a joint interview commemorating the release of his 9th full-length album ‘Travel’ on the 22nd, singer Kim Beom-soo replied, “I feel like I’m floating on the sea, where waves crash and then become calm.”

He also said, “It’s the 25th anniversary, but I felt like I stopped by the simple station because I felt like there was still a long way to go.”

Kim Bum-soo debuted in 1999 with ‘Promise’ and showed off his unrivaled singing ability, releasing hit songs such as ‘Haru’ and ‘I Miss You’.

He seems to have been on a roll, but it is said that he also went through a terrible slump about five years ago. He recalled that at the time, he “knelt in front of the song.”

“During the first performance of the 20th anniversary concert, I came down with acute laryngitis, so I apologized and refunded the money. About 100 staff members were looking at me with worried expressions, and I wanted to hide in a hole. I should have cried, got angry, or been annoyed, but I just calmly ignored it. “It was the root of my problem. I suffered from severe post-traumatic stress and developed stage fright.”

Beomsu Kim looked back and said, “My legs were shaking on stage, and my pitch was going up and down when I was singing because I was so far down that I could hear my heart pounding.”

He said, “When I was frustrated with the only song I loved, I was worried about what to do next for about two years.” He added, “At the time, it was the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, so I wasn’t very active, and I wandered around for a while afterwards.” “I recovered a lot while making ,” he said.

There is a hidden story behind Kim Beom-soo’s failure to release a regular album for 10 years since his 8th full-length album ‘HIM’ in 2014.

This 9th album is a work in which he melts his musical life into the keyword ‘travel’. It contains 11 songs, including the title song of the same name, ‘Travel’, ‘Leaving You’, a song based on Na Tae-ju’s poetry, the pre-released song ‘Your World’, and ‘Imprint’, which describes the meaning, happiness, and traces of life.

Musicians Choi Yu-ri, Seonwoo Jeong-a, Kim Je-hyeong, Lee Sang-hoon, and Lim Heon-il, composer Pinominotz, and jazz pianist Song Young-ju participated to improve the level of perfection.

Through the title song, Beomsu Kim conveys the message that although you regret yesterday and are afraid of tomorrow, you must muster courage and travel anywhere. Compared to past hit songs that boasted difficult high notes, it has become more comfortable and relaxed to listen to.

Kim Beom-soo explained, “When trying to convey lyricism and a message, technique or high-pitched music actually got in the way,” and “So I removed unnecessary parts.”

He added, “That doesn’t mean I’m retiring as a ‘high-pitched vocalist,’” and added, “A vocalist must be able to move in a variety of ways at any time.”

Throughout the interview, Beomsu Kim emphasized that he is a ‘vocalist who receives good songs and sings good songs.’ This means that he will not pursue his ambitions as a singer-songwriter.

He cited American legendary diva Whitney Houston as such an example. He also said that he was impressed by the documentary that illuminated Houston.

Beomsu Kim said, “I decided not to write songs forcibly or to look cool,” and added, “Just collaborating with a great performer on a cool song has great value.”

Along with Naul, Park Hyo-shin, and Lee Soo, he is called ‘Kim Na-bak’, referring to the best vocalist in Korea.

“I am grateful to be given the name ‘Kim Na-bak’ and become a proper noun for being the best singer in Korea. However, at some point, I feel like the modifier is weighing me down, so I think even this is a hurdle that needs to be overcome.”

Kim Beom-soo said, “If we continue to use the modifier ‘Kim Na-bak’, we will ruin our performance due to the pressure of always having to do well. That’s why for this album, we focused on ‘what kind of good song will we sing’ rather than ‘good results’.”

Singer Kim Beom-su

Singer Kim Beom-su

He, who has numerous ballad hits, also spared no effort in giving advice to younger ballad singers in the music industry.

Kim Beom-soo said, “The style of ballad songs is becoming more and more provocative. Standard ballads should be the closest songs that the public listens to after a breakup, but at some point, it becomes a battle over technical aspects and high registers. Although the number of hit songs increases, there are no masterpieces.” He expressed concern, “This is an era that is not happening.”

He added, “I wish singers could save their throats,” adding, “Because the throat is not underground water that gurgles forever.”

He chose appearing on the TV competition program ‘I Am a Singer’, which attracted national attention, as one of the memorable moments from the past 25 years. His performances of ‘Please’ (Lee So-ra), ‘Swamp’ (Cho Kwan-woo), and ‘With You’ (Nam Jin) are still talked about.

Kim Bum-soo looked back, saying, “At that time, I was very happy to be able to show off not only my songs but also my stage performances to my heart’s content,” and “I realized that I could receive such great rewards and love just by doing what I liked.”

He expressed his hope that this album would “be warmly embraced like wild flowers to those who are struggling with lack or emptiness.”

“Even if I don’t fit in with this era, I just want to sing foolishly like my predecessors. I think I need to become someone who sings consistently.”


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