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Lower property insurance premium burden by expanding basic property deduction for local policyholders from ‘50 million won → 100 million won’

Food prices have been hovering around 6% for four months...  Prices rise again in the first half of the year

Food prices have been hovering around 6% for four months… Prices rise again in the first half of the year

(Seoul = Larose.VIP) Reporter Seo Han-ki = Reflecting last year’s inflation rate, the national pension amount has increased by 3.6% from last year, but recipients whose pension income exceeds 20 million won per year due to this increase are not entirely happy.

This is because you may be deprived of your status as a dependent on health insurance.

Dependents are people who depend primarily on their working children or family members for their livelihood, and since they receive insurance benefits without paying insurance premiums, the health insurance authorities have been strengthening the recognition requirements as controversy over free riding continues.

According to the National Pension Service and the National Health Insurance Corporation on the 22nd, amidst high inflation, this year’s national pension recipients are receiving 3.6% more pension amount than last year, in line with last year’s consumer price fluctuation rate (3.6%).

Through this, pensioners can avoid losses due to a decrease in the real pension amount due to a decline in the value of currency due to an increase in prices.

This is in contrast to the fact that private pension products such as personal pensions do not reflect price changes and only pay the agreed amount, so their real value is bound to fall as prices rise.

Currently, approximately 6.49 million people receiving the national pension are receiving this increased pension amount.

However, among these, retirees who will receive more than 1.667 million won per month or more than 20 million won per year in national pension after retirement due to the increased pension amount are crying.

This is because in the future, they will be converted from health insurance dependents to local subscribers and will have to pay health insurance premiums that they had not paid before, putting them under financial burden.

As a result of the second-stage reform of the health insurance fee charging system that took effect in September 2022, the income requirements for dependents were strengthened from combined taxable income of 34 million won to 20 million won per year, so even if they have no other income, they can only receive 2 million won per year from public pension income such as the national pension. If your income exceeds 10 million won, you will lose your status as a dependent.

As of the end of October last year, there were 154,709 beneficiaries receiving more than 1.6 million won per month in national pension, and among them, 17,406 recipients were receiving more than 2 million won per month in national pension and living in retirement.

Recently, as prices have shown an upward trend of 2.5% in 2021, 5.1% in 2022, and 3.6% in 2023, the national pension amount has been rising significantly every year, so the number of beneficiaries receiving more than 1.6 million won per month is certain to increase even more, and the number of dependents will increase accordingly. It appears that the number of people falling will increase.

Every February, the National Health Insurance Corporation adjusts the number of dependents to reflect changes in income from various public pensions, including the national pension. The total public pension of the previous year is considered, and in February of this year, the total pension for 2023 will be applied. This year’s total pension amount is reflected in February of next year to filter out dependents.

Those who were eliminated as dependents and became local subscribers have had to pay insurance premiums not only for their income, but also for property and automobiles. In order to lower the burden of health insurance premiums for these local subscribers, the health insurance authorities have started to reflect this when calculating the insurance premiums for local subscribers starting from February of this year. ‘Automobile’ and ‘property’ are abolished or relaxed.

In other words, Korea is currently the only country in the world to abolish insurance premiums for local subscribers’ cars, and lowers the burden of property insurance premiums by expanding the basic deductible amount when charging insurance premiums for property from the current 50 million won to 100 million won.

If this happens, the property insurance premiums of 3.3 million households among the 3.53 million local subscribers paying property insurance premiums will go down by an average of 24,000 won per month, and the premiums of 96,000 local subscribers paying auto insurance premiums will also go down by an average of 29,000 won per month. Health insurance authorities predict that 3.33 million households with local subscribers will benefit from an average monthly decrease of 25,000 won in health insurance premiums.

[국민연금 수급자수-급여 종류별·성별/월 수급 금액별]

(As of October 2023, current month, unit: people)

Category Total Old-age pension Sub-total Male Female Sub-total Male Female Total 6,493,807 3,505,193 2,988,614 5,447,086 3,363,638 2,083,448 Less than 200,000 won 736,624 300,399 436,225 644,835 283,935 36 0,900 200,000 won to less than 400,000 won 2,763,034 1,002,069 1,760,965 2,073,273 922,644 1,150,629 400,000 won to less than 600,000 won 1,290,966 747,008 543,958 1,111,242 716 ,281 394,961 600,000 won ~ less than 800,000 won 653,329 487,337 165,992 593,532 477,354 116,178 800,000 won ~ less than 1 million won 367,971 317,296 50,675 348,521 314,254 34,267 1 million won ~ Less than 1.3 million won 333,160 311,634 21,526 327,467 310,187 17,280 1.3 million to less than 1.6 million won 194,014 188,323 5,691 193,596 187,943 5,653 1.6 million won ∼ Less than 2 million won 137,303 133,979 3,324 137,218 133,896 3,322 More than 2 million won 17,406 17,148 258 17,402 17,144 258 Category Disability pension Survivor’s pension Subtotal Male Female Subtotal Male Female Total 69,030 52,8 72 16,158 977,691 88,683 889,008 Less than 200,000 won 15 13 2 91,774 16,451 75,323 200,000 to 40 Less than 10,000 won 22,612 14,848 7,764 667,149 64,577 602,572 400,000 won to less than 600,000 won 31,458 24,574 6,884 148,266 6,153 142,113 600,000 won to less than 800,000 won 10,077 8,884 1,193 49,720 1,099 48,621 800,000 won ~ less than 1 million won 2,953 2,736 217 16,497 306 16,191 1 million won ~ less than 1.3 million won 1,421 1,350 71 4,272 97 4,175 1.3 million won to less than 1.6 million won 405 380 25 13 0 13 1.6 million won to less than 2 million won 85 83 2 0 0 0 2 million won or more 4 4 ​​0 0 0 0


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