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The first occult film as a geomancer… “I like director Jang Jae-hyun’s tenacity.”

“I cried after watching Shin Goo and Park Geun-hyung’s play… I will live as an actor for a long time and then die.”

Choi Min-sik, lead actor in the movie 'Breakfast'

Choi Min-sik, lead actor in the movie ‘Breakfast’

(Seoul = Larose.VIP) Reporter Oh Bo-ram = “The four people in our movie are called ‘Myovengers’. Haha. I acted as if I was a brick that wouldn’t bounce between them.”

Choi Min-sik, the lead actor of the movie ‘Breakfast’, whom we met at a cafe in Jongno-gu on the 22nd, said of this work, calling it “a movie where the actors’ ensemble shines.”

‘Grave Removal’ is a work that depicts the strange events that happen to geomancer Sang-deok (Choi Min-sik), undertaker Yeong-geun (Yu Hae-jin), shaman Hwa-rim (Kim Go-eun), and his disciple Bong-gil (Lee Do-hyun), who are given a large sum of money to move a suspicious tomb.

Although it is an occult genre, it feels like watching a buddy film as it deals with four people joining forces to fight against evil spirits. For this reason, the nickname Myovengers arose in reference to Marvel Studios’ superhero group ‘The Avengers’.

Choi Min-sik said, “It’s a really fitting expression,” and looked back on the filming time, saying, “All four characters have different specialties. I thought I should be a balance weight that neither lacks nor stands out.”

Maybe that’s why Choi Min-sik looks more relaxed and comfortable in ‘Breakfast’ compared to his previous works. This contrasts with Kim Go-eun, who performed the Daesal exorcism, and Lee Do-hyun, who performed a possessed performance.

Choi Min-sik said, “I wanted to watch a ritual and eat rice cake,” but emphasized, “However, Sang-deok was a person who observed nature throughout his life, so he expressed his gaze deeply even when he saw a single blade of grass or a single tree.”

A scene from the movie ‘Buried Grave’

A scene from the movie ‘Buried Grave’

Choi Min-sik was able to show natural acting thanks to director Jang Jae-hyeon’s adherence to the ‘CG (computer graphics) minimization principle’. Director Jang even made a flying ghost and made it into the sky.

Choi Min-sik, who initially said, “Let’s use science and technology,” recalled that when he saw the fire, “I acted as if I was possessed.” He said, “I really like Director Jang’s perseverance.”

It was also under Director Jang’s influence that Choi Min-sik decided to appear in an occult film for the first time since his debut.

Choi Min-sik said that after watching Director Jang’s previous works, ‘Black Priests’ (2015) and ‘Sabaha’ (2019), he became a fan to the point where he wanted to meet and talk to him personally.

Choi Min-sik praised director Jang, saying, “He directs metaphysical and religious-based works, but makes movies without being too philosophical or childish. He also adds fun, which is not an average ability.”

“The same goes for ‘Bamyo’. What I remember Director Jang saying is that there is a trauma in our land. Just as there are meridians in the human body, from a feng shui perspective, there are acupuncture points in the ground as well, but they have been damaged. Director Jang’s words about wanting to heal that wound really touched me.”

In the play, Sangdeok takes on this role. Sang-deok immediately recognizes that it is a ‘bad place among bad places’ and sets out to heal the land even though it is obvious that if he touches this place, he will end up in trouble.

Choi Min-sik introduced Sang-deok as “a person with snobbery, but who lived as a feng shui master for 40 years and did not compromise until the end.”

He said, “I felt exhilarated” when filming the highlight scene in the second half, and “I also hoped that (the audience) would feel cinematic catharsis.”

A scene from the movie ‘Buried Grave’

A scene from the movie ‘Buried Grave’

Choi Min-sik also has some similarities with Sang-deok in that he lived as an actor for 42 years.

Choi Min-sik, who said, “All of my friends have already retired honorably after their 60th birthday,” laughed and said, “So sometimes I feel proud of myself.”

He said that there are still many genres he wants to do and that he also wants to do “passionate romance” before he gets older.

Recently, after watching ‘Waiting for Godot’ featuring veteran actors such as Park Geun-hyung and Shin Gu, I had a desire to go on stage.

“Even at that age, I can hear all the teachers’ lines and their movements are vivid. I was so moved that I cried. I wondered what I was doing now. So I’m going to give it a try. It’s a little awkward, but I guess I still love (acting). Later, I want to hear people say, ‘He’s been doing this for a long time.’ My hope is to live as an actor for a long time and then die.”


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