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87% of Gangwon majors resign… Emergency patient in his 60s from Yangyang traveled hundreds of kilometers to Wonju for treatment

If it continues for more than 2 weeks, outpatient treatment is expected to be disrupted… Promote step-by-step emergency treatment measures

(Chuncheon/Wonju = Larose.VIP) Reporters Lee Hae-yong, Lee Jae-hyeon, and Park Young-seo = As residents protesting against the government’s policy of increasing the number of medical schools are leaving their workplaces at an accelerating rate, in Gangwon-do, the rate has approached 90%.

Due to a shortage of medical specialists, there have been cases where emergency patients were transferred from hospital to hospital and received treatment at a hospital hundreds of kilometers away in about 3 hours.

Gangwon-do decided to promote step-by-step emergency treatment measures as there were disruptions in surgeries and some medical treatments at large hospitals in the province.

University hospital resident submits resignation letter, medical gap becomes a reality

University hospital resident submits resignation letter, medical gap becomes a reality

◇ The resignation rate of majors is close to 90%… Emergency room medical gap becomes a reality

According to the province on the 22nd, so far, 336 (87.3%) of the 385 residents in the province, including those dispatched to four university hospitals and medical centers in the province, have submitted letters of resignation.

At Kangwon National University Hospital, 79 out of 101 residents submitted a letter of resignation, and at Hallym University Chuncheon Sacred Heart Hospital, a total of 49 out of 50 residents, including 11 interns and 39 residents, submitted a letter of resignation.

At Gangneung Asan Hospital, the only general hospital in the Yeongdong region, 23 out of 33 residents submitted letters of resignation.

At Wonju Severance Christian Hospital, it was reported that 97 out of 151 residents (42 interns and 109 residents) submitted resignation letters as of the 20th, and the number of resignation letters submitted is said to be continuously increasing.

Due to the absence of medical residents, patients sometimes had to travel hundreds of kilometers to visit the emergency room.

According to the Gangwon Provincial Fire Department and Gangneung Asan Medical Center, at 11:30 a.m. the previous day, Mr. A, a diabetic in his 60s from Yangyang-gun, Gangwon-do, had severe necrosis on his right leg and called 119 for help.

Gangneung Asan Hospital received a phone call from the emergency department asking whether treatment was possible, but as there were no residents in the emergency room who could treat Mr. A at the time, they recommended transfer to another hospital.

An official at Gangneung Asan Hospital explained, “We mainly treat severe emergency patients in the emergency room, and there are some hospitals with sufficient residents and some with shortages. When Mr. A wanted treatment, there were no residents, so we recommended treatment at another hospital.” did.

After receiving an answer that not only Gangneung Asan Hospital but also Sokcho and Gangneung area hospitals were unable to provide treatment, the emergency department shifted the handle to the Yeongseo area rather than the Yeongdong area.

In the end, Mr. A was treated at Wonju Severance Christian Hospital at 3 p.m., 3 hours and 30 minutes after calling 119 for help.

As the medical gap situation is becoming a reality, it has been found that 292 students at Hallym University, Yonsei University, Kangwon National University, and Catholic Kwandong University medical schools have decided to participate in the alliance leave of absence.

Residents, mass resignation begins in earnest...  ‘Medical gap’ imminent (CG)

Residents, mass resignation begins in earnest… ‘Medical gap’ imminent (CG)

◇ Tinkering prescriptions are limited to two weeks… Local governments prepare ‘emergency’ measures

The province is currently operating normally as medical departments with a large proportion of medical specialties are replaced by internal personnel. However, if the current situation continues for more than two weeks, it is expected that outpatient treatment will be disrupted.

Accordingly, it was decided to respond to the medical disaster situation by dividing it into three stages: ▲ when the four large hospitals are operating normally, ▲ when outpatient treatment at the four large hospitals is operating on a reduced scale, and ▲ when local practitioners participate in a widespread group vacation.

To this end, starting with a meeting with emergency medicine specialists at emergency medical centers in the province on the 19th, a meeting with the heads of four large hospitals, a meeting with public medical institutions, and a meeting with the fire department headquarters were held on the 20th.

Following the emergency response meeting of city and county vice-presidents on this day, a business cooperation meeting with private transport companies will be held on the 23rd, and an emergency medical treatment response task force with the participation of heads of four large hospitals will be held regularly every Tuesday.

Meetings to strengthen the emergency medical system between city and county public health centers, local medical institutions, and fire departments will also be held to increase the level of cooperation.

Chuncheon City announced that it has decided to operate the emergency room at Chuncheon Inseong Hospital 24 hours a day starting on the 23rd as an emergency treatment measure.

In order to relieve overcrowding in the emergency room, the Armed Forces Chuncheon Hospital has been open to the public since the 20th.

Vice Mayor Baek Chang-seok said, “We will not neglect to prepare continuous follow-up measures to ensure that Chuncheon citizens do not experience inconvenience due to the collective action of the medical community.”

Meanwhile, the Gangwon Provincial Medical Association will hold its second resolution meeting opposing the policy of increasing the number of medical school students in front of the Gangwon Provincial Office from 6 p.m. on this day.

In a statement released on this day, the Provincial Medical Association said, “We urge the government and related organizations to review and revise medical policies, including the policy to increase the number of medical school students and the essential medical policy package,” and “We must focus on ensuring the quality and safety of medical services.” “he claimed.

He then urged, “We must provide support to strengthen the capabilities of medical service providers and seek ways to improve the working environment and welfare of doctors engaged in essential medical care.”

The Provincial Medical Association emphasized, “We must prepare policies by sufficiently collecting the opinions of doctors and patients in the medical field, and through this, ensure that medical policies can be implemented realistically and effectively.”

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More than 8,000 residents leave the hospital...  Cases of damage continue to appear

More than 8,000 residents leave the hospital… Cases of damage continue to appear


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