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Public hospital treatment hours extended as much as possible… Establishment of regional emergency situation rooms in 4 regions

“Expanding non-face-to-face treatment to all levels starting today”… Relaxation of regulations on medical personnel, support for public health doctors and military doctors

“Illegal group action, a dangerous way to destroy the dreams of young doctors.”

Prime Minister Han Deok-soo speaks

Prime Minister Han Deok-soo speaks

(Seoul = Larose.VIP) Reporter Kwak Min-seo = Prime Minister Han Deok-soo announced on the 23rd that in response to the collective action in the medical community opposing the expansion of medical school admissions, treatment hours at public medical institutions will be fully expanded and operated to the maximum.

Prime Minister Han said at the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters meeting presided over at the Seoul Government Complex on this day, “Collective actions that harm the lives and health of the people cannot be justified for any reason.” He added, “The government must minimize disruption to treatment to save patients’ lives.” “We will use every means possible to protect it,” he said.

On this day, the government raised the health and medical disaster warning level to ‘serious’, the highest level of crisis, and established the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters for collective action of doctors, with Prime Minister Han as the head of the headquarters, and Minister of Health and Welfare Cho Gyu-hong and Minister of Public Administration and Security Lee Sang-min as first and second deputy heads, respectively. It started working.

At the meeting, the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters discussed response plans by relevant ministries to collective action in the medical community.

First, Prime Minister Han said, “We will extend the weekday treatment hours of all public medical institutions to the maximum possible and expand treatment on weekends and holidays to raise the operation level of public medical institutions to the maximum.”

He then announced, “We will open a new metropolitan emergency situation room in four regions early next month to control the transfer and power supply of seriously ill and critical patients.”

The purpose is to open four additional metropolitan emergency rooms to intensively manage emergency patients so that they can receive treatment within the ‘golden time’.

The final treatment fee for severe and emergency patients will be doubled to allow hospitals to hire additional temporary and medical personnel.

At the same time, regulations related to medical personnel will be lifted to fill the shortage of human resources.

Prime Minister Han said, “We must reduce the burden on doctors, nurses, and hospital staff who remain in hospitals and protect patients,” and added, “We will ease related regulations to enable flexible operation of hospital personnel.”

He continued, “We are currently assessing the manpower needs of hospitals where essential treatment such as serious and emergency surgery is delayed, and we will support public health doctors and military doctors here.”

In addition, he said, “I ask that organizations with hospitals under their jurisdiction, such as the Ministry of Veterans Affairs, the Ministry of Employment and Labor, the Ministry of National Defense, and local governments, do their best to respond to the medical gap by temporarily hiring replacement doctors such as external doctors or senior doctors,” and added, “Finance is actively supported at the government level.” “I will do it,” he emphasized.

Prime Minister Han also said, “Starting today, the government will fully expand non-face-to-face medical treatment so that people can receive general medical treatment more conveniently.”

He continued, “Those with relatively mild symptoms should use nearby hospitals and clinics that are operating normally, and local governments should provide sufficient guidance so that patients can do so.”

The measure to allow non-face-to-face treatment will be fully implemented from this day, and the end date will be announced separately depending on the progress of the collective action.

Regarding the ‘fake news’ related to medical school admissions raised by some, he said, “It is an important responsibility of the government to deliver accurate and correct facts to the public,” and “Relevant ministries are working as hard as possible to ensure that the public can properly understand the contents of the medical reform policy. “Explain it through methods,” Prime Minister Han instructed.

Regarding the medical community, he said, “The medical community would never want a situation where the people are suffering,” and “The medical community’s collective action is nothing but an act that leaves a scar on the people’s memory and forgets the noble mission of medical professionals.”

He said, “Illegal collective action in particular is a dangerous way to destroy young doctors’ dreams of becoming respected doctors.” He added, “I hope that the results of the sweat that has been shed for a long time due to wrong choices do not disappear in an instant, and that young doctors cannot fall into such danger.” “I hope you don’t push them away,” he added.

In relation to this, the Ministry of Justice has established a policy of thoroughly investigating not only the instigators of legal group actions but also those who manipulate and instigate them from behind the scenes and, in principle, arrest them.

The National Police Agency also decided to directly investigate cases against groups or important figures leading group actions at city/provincial police offices, and to actively pursue arrest investigations into the instigators of crimes and those behind them.

In addition, it was decided to hold responsible persons in charge of medical institutions who neglect the occurrence of harm, and to thoroughly investigate actions that interfere with hospital work by altering or deleting medical records or electronic medical records.


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